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Staff Welfare

EMG provides following welfare for its employees:

1. Annual health examination;

2. Paid annual leave;

3. Paid sick leave;

4. Wedding gift;

5. Maternity cash gift;

6. Condolence payments;

7. Communication allowance (for some employees, based on their job natures);

8. Personal accident insurance;

9. High temperature allowance (for field operating personnel);

10. Gas subsidy (for some employees, based on their job natures);

11. Five social insurances and one reserved fund: endowment, unemployment, employment injury, maternity insurances, housing provident fund;

12. Personal accident injury insurance: over 200,000 RMB insurance premium (related posts);

13: Reward system: KPI assessment bonus, performance bonus and other incentive measures;

14. Labor protection appliance (summer and winter);

15. Festival gift (Women’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival);

16. Birthday gift;

17. Variousl staff activities;