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Staff Activities

EMG provides various activities for employees:

1. Speech contest and debate contest: explore employees’ personal thinking capacity and expression ability;

2. Skill contest: Encourage employees to learn from each other and improve technical skills through competition.

3. Karaoke contest: Enhance relationship among employees.

4. Spring outing, autumn outing: Two group activities per year, e.g. Wild Three Hillsides outdoor activities, Leting Coast tour, Tanggu drifting, treasure hurt in botanical garden, employee outward development, true person CS fight, group barbecue etc.

5. Spring sports competition, autumn sports competition: respond national appeals, improve people’s health, keep healthy in fun and make the employees’ life more colorful. There are lots of games. Chess games include gobang, chess, Big Two, Chinese hearts, fight the landlord; besides, there are badminton, table tennis, basketball, billiards, rope skipping, kicking shuttlecock, tug-of-war, relay race etc. In short, EMG tries to let all employees find their favorite activities and join in sports competiton actively. “Friendship first, competition second”, it let employees enhance their communication with and understanding of colleagues in competition process.

6. Barrier free communication: an event that employees can join in freely, which provides opportunities for employees to closely contact company managers and exchange ideas about company development and employee development.

7. Annual meeting: the 2nd group activity before the end of lunar year. There are summary, praise and lottery draw. What’s more, a stage to display the employees’ glamour and competence is provided again. All programs come from the employees’ careful preparation and practice. There are lots of performance forms, e.g. comic dialogue, sketch, sitcom, solo, chorus, dance, martial art and instrumental performance etc. With the fancy dinner, the employees and managers can enjoy themselves together.

The colorful activities organized by EMG for the employees not only display employees’ glamour but also relieve their pressure after tense work.