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Career Development

EMG makes detailed personal development plan for every employee and designs personal training, learning program according to post demand and practical personal situation. The human resources department and staffing department will combine personal development needs to design personal career development channel and provide support for the employees’ career development.


To coordinate with the realization of career development planning, EMG has designed diverse training methods: including external training, internal training (company training, department training, one by one on job site training, manager training etc.). Thereinto, EMG attaches great importance to the external training. According to the company’s need and the employees’ personal practical situation in different periods, EMG actively introduces external training resources and organizes various trainings regularly to create good learning opportunities to broaden the employees’ skill sets, improve personal work capacity and grasp modern management tools, e.g. foreign experts’ special training and English training class; EMG also actively encourages excellent employees to attend external training, learn or engage in advanced studies. Besides, it reimburses employees’ external training expense in certain proportion based on related provisions.


EMG regards human resources as the foundation of enterprise. EMG has invested lots of resources in building up human resources over the years, which lays good foundation for the company’s development. In future, EMG will keep increasing investment in human resources development, provide powerful guarantee for EMG’s and personal development, and strive to realize both EMG’s and personal development.

Human resources contact information: 63711098-8037


Main existing training forms of EMG:

1. Internal training (There are the trainings for management associates, new technology, job transfer, skill improvement, and management skill training each year)

2. External off-job training

3. Overseas technical exchange

4. Online electronic courseware system


2011 Junior (Beijing) Class 1 Graduation Photo


Colorful group activities

2011 Junior (Beijing) Class 1 Field survey practice & outward development

Employment development – trust fall


Photo of new employees

Management training by the former Vice President of Tele Atlas


The former Vice Presidents of Tele Atlas showed up in the management training class