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Core Competence

The Only Neutral Leading Mapping Company

As the only neutral leading mapping company that is independent from BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent), EMG, insisting on the philosophy of "Cooperation, Openness and Sharing", has established strategic partnerships with many famous international and domestic enterprises such as ESRI, Huawei, Mapbox, Altran and Sogou etc. to provide competitive turn key solutions in in-car navigation, ADAS map, HD map for automated valet parking (AVP), HD map for autonomous driving, simulation and verification data collection and management, to B online map service and overseas map service etc.


Stability of Management Team

As the strong driving force of EMG development, on average our management team has worked for the company for more than 11 years. A stable team helps to accumulate knowledge and experience, inherit enterprise culture and improve management efficiency.


Strong Capability of Innovation

EMG has over 100 well-experienced engineers. Since foundation, EMG has been constantly pursuing innovation activities. It is the first mapping company that develops and commercializes Realistic Junction View and Real 3D Navigation Map. EMG has developed its own proprietary navigable map data, ADAS map data and HD map data production pipelines. Its HD map for underground parking lots has won China’s first commercial AVP project.

EMG has won numerous patents in the field of mapping and surveying. In 2017, EMG won the “China Patent Excellence Award”. In 2018, EMG won Golden Award by GLAC for AI vision technology used in map production.


Excellent Quality of Map Data

EMG always attaches importance to map quality and establishes a very strict quality management system in the whole production process. It combines a variety of ways from data collection, data processing, data check to data delivery to ensure the product quality. EMG is one of the few mapping companies who has obtained the certification of the ISO/TS16949 International Automotive Quality Management System and implements strict quality control on its navigable digital map production. Over the years, EMG is one of the best mapping companies in the annual map quality evaluations by SBSM.
         As road changes very rapidly in China, data update is one of key factors that affect the quality of map data. To ensure data freshness, EMG has provided monthly update for some offline OEM projects since April 2017. It is now able to provide daily update for online map service.


Superb Customer Service

EMG’s professional team has always been adhering to the service principle of “customer-first” and dedicated to bringing the superb service by providing customized service solutions for each VIP customer in a one-on-one style. As required by TS16949 Management System, EMG conducts “Customer Service Satisfaction "survey every year. It obtained an average score of 9.8+ points (out of 10 points) for service categories, and an overall score of 9.4 points for all 12 categories of the survey. EMG has won the praise and affirmation from automakers, hardware vendors, and software developers, etc.