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Company Profile

eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“EMG”), is a top three mapping company in automotive in-dash navigation market of China serving for 32 domestic and international automakers. It provides users with navigation electronic maps, ADAS maps and HD maps of China, as well as geographic location information service through its own map service platform.


Founded in March 2004, EMG has obtained Class-A qualification certificates of navigable surveying and mapping, internet map service and geographic information system engineering. It has also obtained quality management system certificates of ISO9001 and IATF16949 and CMMI3. Its map database has covered mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao with over 9-million-kilometer road networks and 80 million POIs.


Over the years, EMG is one of the best mapping companies in the annual map quality evaluations by authorities. Equipped with new mapping technologies related to big data analysis, crowdsourcing and AI technologies, EMG is able to provide map service with daily update to ensure the freshness of maps.


As a neutral mapping company, EMG has established a variety of strategic partnerships with important companies in the value chain, such as ESRI, Continental, Altran, Mapbox, Sogou etc. We believe that cooperation, openness and sharing are the right way to work out good solutions to better serve our customers in various areas.


In to B map service, EMG’s self-developed map service platform has been certified by several leading clouds. Meanwhile, EMG is working with partners to provide online map service for over 350 million users. In GIS applications, EMG has been serving various customers such as dozens of state departments, telecom carriers, banks and international companies like MacDonald's, KFC, Watsons, Starbucks, ADIDAS, UPS etc.


In autonomous driving, EMG has independently developed a HD map production line and is able to provide HD map data to meet the needs of different levels of ADAS and autonomous driving. In 2018, EMG won the first commercial automated valet parking (AVP) project in China.