1. What’s the scratch card mentioned in map upgrade website?

Scratch card is a cryptographic card which is mainly used to upgrade maps and obtain activation code.


2. Why does the prompt “a fetal error occurs” appear in upgrading process?
This situation is usually caused when the card is repeatedly inserted and extracted in energized state. The electricity of car needs to be completely cut off and the car needs to flame out for 2~3 minutes. It can be resolved when SD card is inserted again and the navigation is restarted.

3. Why does my navigator map is a bit unmatched with the practical situation sometimes?

Due to the rapid development of our city construction, urban and rural road traffic, the data (road, geographic name, facilities etc.) on maps will be unmatched with the practical situation after being used for a while. Our company will keep updating map data and release in time. Please pay attention to it.

4. Why the road we’re walking on is not displayed in the map?

In general, there may be several reasons: 1. Larger scale is not used in navigation, thus road network cannot be completely displayed with small scale; 2. Navigation signal drifts so that it cannot be displayed; 3. The road is newly built, thus the map data hasn’t been updated.

5. What is GPS?

GPS is the abbreviation of Global Positioning System, i.e. global satellite positioning system. Informally speaking, it is a system which can use GPS positioning satellite to conduct real-time positioning, navigation on a global scale.

6. Why will problems (like positioning failure or inaccurate positioning) appear?

In general, GPS signals can be easily separated by buildings and metals. Thus GPS must be used outdoors. If there is external antenna on your navigation product, the antenna had better be installed on car roof and then put in the car when it is normal. Or check whether there is enough electric power for your navigation product. Besides, auto film will also influence the positioning of GPS equipment. Of course, the receiving condition and the length of time of satellite signal have a lot to do with your local weather and the intensity of surrounding buildings.

7. Why the positioning can be finished yesterday while it cannot be realized today?

It is usually caused when GPS isn’t normally turned off when it is used last time. Try restarting the equipment, or conduct cold start to GPS.

8. What is positioning time?

Positioning time refers to the time needed by the receiver to confirm present position when GPS receiver is restarted.

For 20-channel receiver, if you’re nearby the last positioning location, the positioning time for cold start is usually 3~5 minutes and that for hot start is 15~30 seconds.


9. What are cold start, hot start, warm start?

Cold start: navigation equipment eliminates all history information and restart. Then try positioning and lock the satellite. There is no previous information, thus the time needed is the longest.

Hot start: navigation equipment keeps the finally calculated position, almanac and UTC time. After restart, get and calculate the latest position of present satellite based on above saved contents. When hot start is begun, the visual satellite information is basically consistent with the previously saved information.

Warm start: navigation equipment keeps the finally calculated satellite position, almanac and UTC time. Yet the saved contents are not the data of present visual satellite. After restart, try getting the present satellite, signals and calculate their new position. The visual satellite in present sky can be generally known based on its final position and almanac.

10. How many satellite signals should be received to finish GPS equipment positioning?

GPS positioning is realized with triangle principle, thus more than 3 satellite signals should be received to finish the positioning. However, corresponding elevation value can be got when there are 4 satellite signals. Thus successful positioning can be realized when GPS receives 4 satellites in general.

11. What to do when there is no sound in navigation?

The volume may be adjusted too low or silent mode is set up. It can be resolved when the volume is turned up or silent mode is turned off.

12. EMG maps are used for my navigation, then how to update?

Please log in our company’s map upgrade network or contact our customer service:

Map upgrade website: www.emapgo-service.com

Customer service hotline: 400-610-0098