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In-Car Navigation

Basic Map Service


Navigable map product is one of EMG’s key products. EMG has provided map service for many famous international and domestic auto-makers for over 10 years. Up to now, our map products have been used in 130+ car models from 30+ auto OEM customers.


EMG’s map data covers Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, including all motor ways, national roads, provincial roads, county roads and open rural roads with a total mileage of over 6 million km and the amount of POI reaches 26 million. All data is verified by field survey and thoroughly examined based on ISO/TS16949 quality control procedure. EMG are also able to provide map data in different format standards and specifications to meet the diverse needs of clients from different countries.

EMG has realized monthly update by taking advantage of big data analysis of probe data, and it is working hard to make weekly and even daily update in the near future. Through historical and real time traffic data analysis, EMG is to provide speed profile data and real time traffic information to make route planning smarter.

Connected Car


In the wake of disruptive changes of car industry, people’s demands for automobile are changing. Electrification, connection, intelligence and sharing are becoming the four hot issues in car industry. In response to market trends, EMG is transforming actively from a pure map data provider to a solution and service provider. In addition to the provision of map data, EMG can also provide integrated content service such as tourism, news, food and entertainment, etc.

Other than intelligent travel service for passenger cars, EMG also extends its service to commercial connected car, new energy connected car, after market vehicle services. The commercial and new energy connected car service system are expected to be available in 2018. After market vehicle service platform will soon provide various vehicle related services, such as vehicle maintenance, car loan insurance, oil card finance, logistics transportation, traffic peccancy handling etc.