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Legal Statement

Notice: please read the following terms carefully before using the website. It indicates that you have known and accepted the terms if the website is used. Please stop using the website if these terms are not accepted.

1. Use of site

EMG website (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) allows you to look up and download materials from the site, yet the materials can only be used for personal rather than commercial purpose. Besides, the copyright and other ownership statements included in raw material must be kept in any duplicate of these materials. If there is no right statement on the website, it doesn’t mean the website is not entitled to the right or the website doesn’t claim the right. You should respect the legitimate rights and interests of such contents based on the principle of good faith and use them lawfully. You shouldn’t revise the materials on the site in any way, or copy or publicly display, implement or distribute them or use them for any public or commercial purpose in other ways. It is strictly prohibited to use the materials on any other Web site or in networked computer environment.

2. Copyright: authorized restrictive license

All map products, data and services on the website are protected by the copyright and/or other intellectual properties, thus any unauthorized use of website data and services will break these laws. Except for the special statement here, EMG won’t explicitly or implicitly grant you any right about materials and services in aspects like patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret.

Except for the special statement here, any part of website information or document is not allowed to be copied by any means without EMG’s prior written approval. If you don’t accept or violate above agreement, your right to use the site will be spontaneously terminated. Meanwhile, you should destroy any downloaded or printed website content immediately.

3. Disclaimer

EMG releases EMG map products sold in Chinese mainland (including Hong Kong and Macao) market, after-sale service terms and other related information on the site. This kind of information may include some inaccurate places or edit errors in technology and products. The site doesn’t ensure the absolute accuracy and timeliness of all its information. All risks brought by the use of site information should be undertaken by the receiver on its own. We especially advise you to timely confirm the accuracy and timeliness of information got from the site to EMG. For related problems caused by the accuracy of EMG information provided by the site, EMG assumes no liability. EMG doesn’t guarantee all reported product problems can be resolved through any information provided by the site.

4. About the user’s submission of materials

EMG doesn’t want to receive the secret or proprietary information sent by you through the site. Except personal identifying information, any other material, information or contact information (hereinafter referred to as the information) sent or mailed by you will be regarded as unclassified and not proprietary.EMG will assume no obligation for the information. Meanwhile, if there is no special announcement about your submission, it can be regarded as agreed (or authorized):EMG and its authorizer can freely copy, reveal, distribute, merge and use the information and all data, images, sounds, texts and other content in other ways for commercial or non-commercial purpose. Your use of site cannot violate the laws, regulations and public morals, cannot mail or send any illegal, threatening, slanderous, calumnious, obscene, pornographic or other possibly illegal materials to or from the site. If related people give well-grounded warning or advice to the content and influence of such information, the site can delete such information or suspend the web browsing of such information at any time without the committer’s prior approval or the obligation to notice the committer afterwards. In serious cases, the site can take measures to log the user off.

5. About the user’s communication content

EMG is not responsible for monitoring or checking the information sent or mailed to the site by the user, or any individually communicated information, including but not limited to communication room, bulletin board or other user forums and any communication content. EMG assumes no liability for the contents of any such communication, no matter whether they will cause slanderous, privacy, obscene or other problems. EMG reserves the right to delete information and news which are regarded as insulting, slanderous, obscene or other unwanted contents when they are found.

6. Download and update of map products

(1) To facilitate your timely update of existing electronic maps, the site provides the upgraded version of EMG map products regularly or irregularly. The permanent copyright of maps with upgraded version has been registered as legal possession. All map products that can be downloaded from the site are products whose copyright is owned by EMG.

(2) Before you decide to download map products provided by the site, the site especially reminds you to read the terms of use attached to such map products carefully at first. Only when you agree to such specific terms of use, you will be authorized to use the map product. If you download the third-party software, the site and EMG will assume no liability.

(3) Yet for all problems and consequences caused by your self-actuated revision of map products downloaded from the site, the site and EMG will assume no liability.

(4) If you disagree to the terms of use attached to map product provided by the site, please give up the right to use the map product immediately and voluntarily destroy it in time. Otherwise, the site and EMG will assume no liability.

(5) If you installed the map product provided by the site, we will consider you have agreed and executed the terms of use attached to the product. Any illegal copy, transmission and any pages or map download programs linked to the site without permission are strictly prohibited. Otherwise, you will assume all corresponding liabilities.

7. Related links

To facilitate your consulting of related information about EMG products, the site provides some links of websites or resources of the third party. These links will make you visit other websites or resources of the third party conveniently. EMG is unable to control the content of these websites or resources. These websites or resources are independent from the site, thus the site makes no presentation of them. Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean the site approves their content or use, or assumes any liability. The site especially reminds you that all corresponding results and risks shall be undertaken on your own when you’re visiting the websites or resources of the third party. The site assumes no liability for this.

8. Limitation of liability

The third party mentioned by EMG or on the site assumes no liability for any damage (including but not limited to the damages caused by lost profit, lost data or business interruption) no matter whether the damages are caused by the result of using, or not using the site, any website linked with the site or information included in any such website, also no matter whether they have guarantee, contract, infringement act or any other legal basis and the prior advice to warn such damages. If you need maintain, repair or correct the equipment or data due to the use of site information, you should be aware that all corresponding expenses must be assumed on your own.

EMG assumes no liability when the following cases occur: the transmission of information is started by other people except the web service provider (EMG and its authorizer); the transmission, route, link supply and storage of information is realized through necessary automatic technical processing without being selected by web service provider; except automatically responding to others’ requirements, web service provider doesn’t select the supplier and receiver of these information; under normal circumstance, the system of web service provider or the duplicated document formed by network intermediary or temporarily stored information hasn’t been obtained by other people except the predetermined receiver, and the time reserved isn’t longer than the rational time required to provide transmission, route or link for the predetermined receiver’s information acquisition; the content of information transmitted through system or network isn’t changed.

9. General principle

The information provided by the site may be changed or updated at any time without further notice. EMG can also improve and/or change the products and/or services described on the site at any time without further notice.

10. Any dispute caused by the announcement or the use of website shall apply to the laws of the people’s republic of China.

11. Any dispute caused by the announcement or the use of website shall be resolved upon consultation. If the consultation fails, all parties involved reach a consensus that the dispute shall be resolved by Beijing Fengtai Court through legal action.

12. The right to interpret the announcement and the right to interpret the use of website are ascribed to EMG Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.