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Privacy and Protection

Personal information

In general, you can visit our website (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) of eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. without providing your name or other personal information. Yet sometimes we may need you to provide some information, such as order processing, online download, asking for help, participation in our activities, contact you, supply of order service or processing of job application. We may need the information to complete the processing of a transaction/affair or provide better service.

Privacy statement

To protect the user’s privacy is a basic policy of the website (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) of eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The site promises not to disclose or provide the user’s registration material and non-public content stored by the user on the site while using web services, yet excluding the following cases:

(a) Get the user’s specific authorization in advance;

(b) According to related laws and regulations;

(c) According to the requirements of related competent governmental departments;

(d) To safeguard the interests of the public;

(e) To safeguard the legal rights and interests of the site;

Please check the materials regularly so as to know other information and changes in time.

How to use your information and related content?

The range of information required and used by us is only limited to the basic information of products, services needed by you and the services you may be interested in. The concrete uses are as follows:

For our use or the use of other related parties so as to meet your request.

Used to keep in touch with you so as to carry out the survey of customer satisfaction, market study or deal with certain affairs.

For the marketing purpose (if you permit) of EMG and proper institution (including but not limited to DMG).

Used for the non-tangible data analysis (e.g. clickstream data).

Help to develop our business relationship (if you represent the business partner or supplier of EMG).

The site may cooperate with a third party to provide related services for the user. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the equal liability to protect user privacy as the site, the site can provide the user’s registration material etc. for the third party.

Your option

When we collect information from you, you can tell us not to use the information in other marketing activities. We will respect your will.

You can also close cookie in the browser.

Cookie technology?

We will send “Cookie” to your computer through your browser. Thousands of websites use Cookie to enrich your online experience. Cookie is a kind of small data file, which distributes a unique anonymous digital to your browser through network server and then stores it in your computer hardware. Cookie won’t damage or read the information on your hardware. Cookie can store password and number to let you experience more fun on the net. You can reject all Cookie through changing the settings of browser, or you will be noticed when Cookie is stored in the hardware. However, if you choose not to accept Cookie, input the information repeatedly. The corresponding extra time may influence your use of the site.

Is your personal information safe?

Before getting your approval in advance, we won’t disclose, sell or rent personal information unless required EMG services are provided for you. In extremely special circumstance, we may need to disclose your personal information according to the provisions of law, such as legal action or other legal procedures are involved. If the disclosure is required, we will take rational commercials measures to ensure the confidentiality of disclosed personal information, e.g. the use of personal information for commercial purpose is prohibited.

Besides, for the purpose of protecting EMG and the rights and properties of its employees, protecting EMG employees or public personal safety and health, we have the right to reserve certain information if personal information needs to be disclosed.

The site is not responsible for monitoring or checking the information sent or mailed to the site by the user, or any content or information delivered in separate communication, including communication room, bulletin board or other user forums and any communication content. Besides, the information submitted to public area by you may be collected by other people so as to actively provide information for you or for other purposes. The site assumes no liability for the contents of any such personal communication, no matter whether they will cause slanderous, privacy, obscene or other problems. The site reserves the right to delete the insulting, slanderous, obscene or other unwanted contents when they are found.

The link about the third-party website

The site includes the links pointing to other websites. We assume no liability for the privacy measures on other websites. We advise the user to pay attention to read and collect the privacy statement of personal identifying information on each website while leaving our website. The privacy statement only applies to the information collected from the site.

How to deal with the personal information of juveniles?

The objects to use EMG services and the site do not include the juveniles under 16 years old. We won’t collect the information of juveniles under 16. Meanwhile, we encourage parents and the statutory guardian to supervise their children to use the site. Yet the juveniles under 16 cannot provide information for the site without their parents or statutory guardian’s permission so as to help to implement our Privacy Statement.

The way for the user to revise, change or check their personal information

If you want to get your personal information, revise existing personal information or delete your personal information, please contact us through the contact information on the site. If you require deleting part of your personal information, you can make sure the rest personal information can still be stored in EMG records and files. Yet EMG won’t use the information for commercial purpose. If you’re suspended, limited or terminated to visit the site due to your violation of EMG terms of use, EMG has the right to reserve and store your personal information, eliminate or reject your application.

Our protection to your information

EMG will safeguard the confidentiality of collected information. We establish good internal system to protect the security and confidentiality of above information better through limiting the range of employees who acquire and use above information.

Materials submitted by the user

Except personal identifying information, the materials, information or contact information (hereinafter referred to as the information) sent or mailed to the site by you will be regarded as unclassified and not proprietary. EMG will assume no obligation for the information. Meanwhile, if there is no special announcement about your submission behavior, it can be regarded as agreed (or authorized):EMG and its authorizer can freely copy, reveal, distribute, merge and use the information and all data, images, sounds, texts and other content in other ways for commercial or non-commercial purpose. Your use of site cannot violate the laws, regulations and public morals, cannot mail or send any illegal, threatening, slanderous, calumnious, obscene, pornographic or other possibly illegal materials to or from the site.If related people give well-grounded warning or advice to the content and influence of such information, the site can delete the content or information at any time and terminate the web publish of the information forever without the committer’s prior approval or the obligation to notice the committer afterwards. In serious cases, the site can take measures to log the user off.

User’s communication content

EMG is not responsible for monitoring or checking the information sent or mailed to the site by the user, or any individually communicated information, including to communication room, bulletin board or other user forums and any communication content. EMG assumes no liability for the contents of any such communication, no matter whether they will cause slanderous, privacy, obscene or other problems. EMG reserves the right to delete insulting, slanderous, obscene information or other unwanted contents when they are found.

The right to revise and update the privacy policy on the site is ascribed to eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Any dispute caused by the statement or the use of website shall apply to the laws of the people’s republic of China.