eMapgo can provide good CPND solutions. Currently, the typical CPND has the following features:
Real-time Traffic Information
Release real-time traffic Information 
ØSearch for the latest traffic information anytime and anywhere
ØUpdate once every five minutes
ØUse different colors on the map to distinguish traffic conditions
Route the optimal driving route based on real-time road information
ØRe-route based on the actual road conditions to avoid traffic jams
ØSave time for drivers
One-key Navigation and Roadside Assistance
Call Center Services
ØHelp set the destination
ØEmergency Call
ØAnti-theft tracking
ØAutomatic Alarm(SOS)
ØRe-route a phone call
ØRoad Secretary (for searching for yellow pages, weather information, news information and traffic information,etc.)
Mutual One-key Navigation
ØPress any CPND button to call somebody(friends/hotel/company) who knows the destinations well.
ØFriends/hotel/company can log onto website, help find the accurate location, and then send location info to CPND. CPND will create automatically route info.
Rich and Dynamic POI 
 POI information is updated regularly so that you can search for:
ØDetailed information about the scenic areas and spots
ØLatest movie list
ØSeasonal promotions
ØLatest entertainment information
Self Driving Tour and Mobile Fleet Management: Full Service
ØParticipants' Invitation;
ØFleet Members's connection;
ØPartners' location search;
ØLeft-behind Alarm.
Location based targeted advertisement