Application Examples
ØChina Mobile m2m Operation Center: “China Vehicle Management” System;
ØTobacco Logistic Management System;
ØXiamen Yaxon Vehicles Management System.
China Mobile m2m Operation Center: "Postal Vehicle Management" System
System Function
ØPrevention of Traffic Accidents
ØReal-time Vehicle Monitoring
ØVehicles Information Search and Data Analysis
ØViolation Information Collection and Management
Tobacco Logistic Management System

This system makes use of eMapgo road network data to provide smart route planning on the management platform, sends optimized routes from the platform to the terminal  (hereinafter take CPND as an example), make the best route planning and then conduct real-time monitoring so as to guide the delivery vehicles to the destination.

Ødata that covers the whole country can guide delivery vehicles to each household store;
Øvillage-to-village data can guide delivery vehicles to the tobacco shops in a village.
This system will deal with every day's demands at every store, provide the optimal allocation solutions, make planning for delivery points and then issue a path to CPND. Every delivery vehicle is under the guidance of CPND to the destination.