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Latest Released Data

09Q4 Release
Coverage: all 4 central-level metropolitan cities and 333 prefecture-level cities, all 2,860 county-level administrative areas, together with every town and village accessible by vehicle. Covering Hong Kong and Macau.
Drivable Mileage: 4.4 million kilometers
Navigable Mileage: 2.6 million kilometers
Village Coverage: accessible to 1.175 million villages.
POIs: 6.82million(verified on sites)
Speed Camera: 200,000
House Number: some major cities covered by full house number and over 100 cities covered by along-the-street house number
3D Virtual Junction View: for entries of highway and express way in important cities
3D Module Junction View: 185 kinds for exits of highway and express way throughout China
3D Virtual View Vector Map: for complex road sections at elevated junctions in some important cities
3D Landmark: 800 pieces
3D Icon: 300 pieces
3D Virtual Static City Map: 16 cities
Text Introduction: 18 million words for over 10,000 the most important scenic areas and spots
Public Transportation: important cities
Pedestrian Map: important cities (Low density)
Language: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Pinyin, English( for important POIs)