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So what is OMG!NOM!

Quite simply we are a Food Blog/RSS aggregator with a few differences, our crawlers scour the internet 24 hours a day looking for the best and freshest recipe ideas.  When we find something that looks exciting we use sophisticated techniques to categorize it and find show similar recipes from other Blogs.  If you start to use our site more often we learn what you like and don’t like and customise the results we show you (that’s the clever bit).

So far we’ve found more than 20,000 sources of great recipes and this number is growing every day. To see the full recipe you just need to click the link on from the “nom” page, this takes you directly to the original source site.  We have some exciting new features for both Users and Blog owners to customise their listings and see how many people have viewed or liked their recipe.

The idea for OMG!NOM! came after my other half complained about how hard it is to find good international recipes. There are thousands of blogs and many recipe websites around but they are all lacking in useful features to find something specific or browse for inspiration. To find anything you need to have hundreds of browser tabs open all over the place and its very easy to forget where you saw that great recipe.

On OMG!NOM! you are able to search thousands of international blogs for delicious, unique and traditional recipes from around the world, get inspiration for any meal of the day or for various occasions. You can browse a wide range of categories or search for something specific.  You will soon be able to collect these recipes in a “scrap book” on our website so you will never loose or forget where you saw that recipe again!

We’re currently in Beta and will be continually updating the site with new features and content.


How it works

24 hours a day, every day we scour the internet for blogs, recipes, websites and pictures of food. If we discover something that meets our quality criteria it goes straight on the site – it’s as simple as that. However, this is quite a resource intensive task and would take lots of people to do this manually. Thankfully our site is powered almost entirely by robots and sophisticated algorithms. Our human editorial team oil the robots in reward for all their hard work, and write the occasional blog post :)



Right now (in Beta) we’ve focused on getting the basic site features working in English only. However we are planning to make the site fully multi-lingual and we’ve already found an amazing range of recipes in all sorts of languages. For the moment, you might see the occasional recipe in an unfamiliar language – panic not we’re working on something special to help.