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Burns Night falls on the 25th January. This day commemorates the life of the Scottish poem Robert Burns, born on 25th January 1759.
Celebration is held at supper time – Burns’ supper. The traditional way which may be formal or informal include toasts and also reading selected parts of Robert Burns poetry. ceremony may vary according to the group which is organizing celebration.

The main dish of this event is Haggis, could be described as a type of sausage in a sheep stomach case. It is served on a large platter and it would be brought to the table by the chef to the sound of a bagpipes ( a piper enters the room first). Behind the chef there would be a waiter or someone carrying a bottle of whisky! Whisky is then poured into two large glasses and given to the chef and the piper. The host of the event would read an ode to the Scottish dish “Address to a Haggis” by Robert Burns. The Haggis is then sliced in half and dish served around the table.

Haggis is accompanied by mashed turnips and creamy potato – bashed neeps and champit tatties.

Except this traditional dish many families also prepare Scottish salmon and shelfish as well as roast of beef and lamb.

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