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Apart from having a healthy fresh and juicy apple a day, there are lots of things you can prepare with different variety of apples.
Start with a warm autumn apple and parsnip soup or try them with your main dish. Apples pair so well with pork.  Try apple sauce with tasty pork chops, or mix them with some stuffing spread over pork belly roll and roast! Another great idea is to chop them and mix with pork mince for some juicy burgers.

Here are some ideas for sweet noms:

Simple baked – the best is to leave them whole, sprinkle some sugar, wrap in foil and bake for 30-40 min. Then unwrap and dive in with a spoon!

Fried – simply cut in wedges and fry, or dip them in batter and fry, sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!

Applesauce, used for cooked meat or various desserts , cakes , pancakes etc.

Apple pie –  timeless classic dessert

European apple cake or pie – various cakes with apple filling, classic European apple pie is mainly grated apple mixed with cinnamon and sugar sandwiched between shortcrust pastry.

Strudel – apple filling wrapped in phyllo pastry, there is nothing better than  the classic Austrian apple strudel!

Jam – prepare your own selection of jams, mixed with other fruits.

Crumble – another classic, simple and quick to make

Chutney – use it with desserts or various meats.

Dried – dried apples are great substitute for unhealthy potato crisps ,  kids will love it!

Cider – spice up your autumn nights!